The First Online English Proficiency Test
The First Online English Proficiency Test

The GIELTC is designed after careful location-specific research for every country so as to garner the best results

Students and job seekers both report success in their academic and professionals ventures after taking the GIELTC test


Discover language aptitude like never before with the GIELTC

Over 10,000 people appeared for the GIELTC in 2012, and the numbers are increasing everyday

GIELTC has set a trend in online test preparation and standardization through its rigorous assessment methodologies


Explore better career and education opportunities with GIELTC Support Porgram

Talk to our support staff and get all your queries answered as well as all the information you require


The GIELTC test evaluates test takers' aptitude for the language and in the process increases their proficiency in the language. The test is designed in a way to both assess and provide valuable information to the applicants

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The GIELTC test is recognized in all major institutes of higher education and organizations around the world. The test increases your employability and language skills both.

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Find out what contributions GIELTC is making to the development of quality human resource and the recognition it has achieved over the years as a result

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GIELTC in Focus


Hundreds of online students take the GIELTC in order to qualify for better employment and career opportunities

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  • Student's Voice


    For me, GIELTC has opened up doors I never before even thought were in my reach. I have realized that I am now eligible for more fulfilling career both in my home country as well as abroad. GIELTC didn't just test me; it changed my life. Highly recommended to all those people who want to do better with their lives

    Michelle Carson, United States

  • Student's Voice


    The test showed me exactly how much I needed to learn in order to be more employable on an international level. For second-language English speakers, GIELTC is the best test to take and explore your true potential.

    Nabila Khan, Pakistan

  • Student's Voice


    The GIELTC gives you everything in one package; an affordabe and accessible evaluation of langage skills plus the tool needed to acquire a better grasp over the language. The counselors are helpful and very accommodating at all times

    Sayf Alhusain Shamoun, Dubai, UAE

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    Press Release

    November 3rd, 2013 | 4 Comments

    Language Certification Made Easier Through GIELTC  

    As the world is growing and transforming into a global community, the needs of the modern individual change.  

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