The First Online English Proficiency Test
The First Online English Proficiency Test


The Global Institute of English Language Training and Certification (GIELTC) is the first and premium language proficiency test available online. The test has been designed in a way to check an individual's grasp over the English language and ensure he or she meets international academic and professional standards.

GIELTC also offers training services to those seeking to make a career in Linguistic Sciences, Education and related fields. The methodologies used are state-of-the art and aim to instill such skills in the applicants that will help them to attain a better command over written and spoken English. GIELTC certified individuals are qualified to offer language instruction to people seeking to improve their language proficiency.

Students of online education find GIELTC an accessible and comprehensive test for language skills through which they can enhance their professional profiles and increase their employability. This is very much true for those people for whom English is a second language and who aspire to pursue careers abroad.

GIELTC has been proclaimed a ruling authority in English testing by various online and traditional universities. The test makes the most of technology and modern teaching tools to achieve a pinnacle in linguistic excellence that is accessible to people all over the world.

GIELTC can be taken by people of all ages and at all stages of academic and professional life. The test is available in 125+ countries around the world and is useful for those seeking to acquire employment or pursue studies in a first-language English-speaking country.