The First Online English Proficiency Test
The First Online English Proficiency Test

Global Presence

The GIELTC is available to test takers in all regions around the world. In addition, the test is acceptable in all these regions. The whole aim of the GIELTC is to provide people around the world with a proficiency test that is available online and is recognized by major organizations and institutes around the world.

In English speaking countries, it is necessary for non-native English speakers to pass language tests before being eligible for employment or admission in institutes of higher education. The GIELTC makes sure you have this competency and have it at your ease whenever and wherever you want it.

The GIELTC is available in each of the following regions:

1. Africa
2. America
3. Middle East
4. Asia
5. Europe
6. Australia and Oceania

The GIELTC training can be customized according to a region of preference. For example, if you wish to move to a country in Europe, you will receive extra sessions of region-specific training on the vernacular used in that area. This will help you adjust to your surroundings more quickly.

After getting the GIELTC certification and passing the test, you will be able to establish yourself in any of the above-mentioned regions.