The First Online English Proficiency Test
The First Online English Proficiency Test

Training and Certification

GIELTC is not just the provider of the first online English test available in countries all over the world but also offers training services to those seeking to make a career in linguistics and examination. At GIELTC, you will receive state of the art training on:

The GIELTC training is a good option for those who are searching for ways to develop and improve their language skills. This training is exceptionally useful to second language English speakers as well.

After taking the training, you will be certified as a GIELTC professional in linguistics, who is qualified to teach English as well as prepare standard language tests and evaluate them. GIELTC training will not just be beneficial for you, if you want to pursue a career in linguistics; it is equally useful for all other industries because English is the second most widely spoken language around the world and proficiency in it is essential for employment

GILTC certification is a sure sign of quality and adherence to set standards of language proficiency being followed around the world. Once you become a GIELTC certified professional, you can pursue a career in the linguistics sector and attain worldwide recognition of competency in this field.

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