The First Online English Proficiency Test
The First Online English Proficiency Test


The GIELTC Test is the first and only language assessment test available online. The test is a comprehensive evaluation of linguistic aptitude in 4 major areas:

1. Grammar
2. Vocabulary
3. Reading
4. Writing

The GIELTC test has been carefully prepared by experienced personnel, including linguistic experts and language teachers alike. These individuals have expertise borne of years of experience in the field. The test is designed in a way to assess in depth the grasp a test taker has on the English language. GIELTC also offers sample papers through which potential applicants can get an idea what the test will be like.

The GIELTC test is globally acceptable in over a hundred countries worldwide. The test is also recognized by major organizations and academic institutes for professionals and educational purposes respectively. This is the reason why so many people apply for the GIELTC test annually, seeking to increase their employability and chances for higher education. After taking the GIELTC test, you will not just be eligible for better opportunities but will also be aware of your English language aptitude and what you need to do to improve or enhance it. English is the second most spoken language in the world and the official language of many second-language English speaking countries, therefore it is imperative to have a good command over it.