The First Online English Proficiency Test
The First Online English Proficiency Test

Sample Test

In order to help you prepare for the actual test, here is are some sample questions to help you get an idea that how much you need to prepare and what the test will be like.

The GIELTC test assesses 4 language skills: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing. The test aims to check the candidate's aptitude in all 4 of these skills and give a score that indicates the strength of linguistic understanding he or she possesses.

Sample Test Questions

Choose the word that best fits the given sentences.

1. Jane said she………make a cup of tea.

2. It would have been…….if you had taken the alternative route.

Choose the option that best describes the given word

1. Frantic

2. Contaminate

Choose the best tense form


Do you know what happened yesterday?
Do you knew what happened yesterday?


Sara was called you yesterday
Sara was calling you yesterday