The First Online English Proficiency Test
The First Online English Proficiency Test


The GIELTC test score is based upon a combination of automated and human marking. The Writing section, specifically, uses more of human marking so as to assess the individual’s writing ability, and command over the language.

What Does Your Score Mean?

After taking the test, you will receive a cumulative score that will be your GIELTC score. The GIELTC tests is of 80 marks in total, with 4 sections of 20 marks each.. Once you have your score, refer it to the following table. This will tell you the level of your skill in the particular part of the test.



Above 85% High
70% - 84% Medium
Below 60% Low
Level: High

So if your score lies in the first category your language proficiency is above average. A high score on the GIELTC test is an assurance of the fact that your language skills are well developed and you are more than capable of using these skills for educational and professional purposes.

Level: Medium

This means that your language proficiency is medium, neither too bad nor too good. It is best to work on your language skills further and bring it to a higher level for better response.

Level: Low

This level indicates that your language skills are not up to the mark and you need to put in more efforts to reach the required level of competency, A low score on the test is not acceptable for admission and work purposes internationally so it's best you study harder and take the test again.